Welcome to Comstor EDGE, your guide to success with Comstor and Cisco.


As Cisco’s leading distributor, we aim to provide you with the best possible selection of Cisco products, but we also recognise that you can use much, much more from your distribution partner.

Hence EDGE (Engage, Develop, Grow, Extend), a programme that complements the advantages you get from Cisco Partner Plus and connects you to advanced architectures, solutions, software and services.

EDGE seamlessly integrates with Cisco Partner Plus to allow your business to benefit from the many opportunities both programmes will bring.

As well as providing resources to help your business succeed, Comstor EDGE facilitates and guides your progression within the Cisco Partner Plus programme to aid you in obtaining even more support for your business, including:

  • Business enablement in the form of training, pre-sales support and sales resources.
  • Marketing and demand generation support including marketing training, resources and funds.
  • Incentives and rewards as recognition for success.

Why Comstor?


Comstor is the only distributor in the UK offering a Cisco-trained, Cisco-dedicated account manager to you at any level of partnership.

So even at the start of our relationship you get the best account management available, including full knowledge of relevant promotions, guidance on how to use Cisco Commerce Workspace and access to 18 Cisco-accredited engineers.

We are accredited in every Cisco product family, including Small Business, Base, Enterprise Networking, Security, Collaboration, Data Centre, Cisco Plus and Advanced Security.

Comstor is Cisco’s Distributor of the Year 2016.

For a reseller, Cisco can be a complex world. Cisco partners have access to many benefits but it may not always be clear how you can make the most of them to grow your business.

With our EDGE programme, you get help in scaling the Cisco ladder while at the same time accessing additional tools, services and benefits.

Comstor’s value add has always been around providing Cisco-focused services to help you build your business.

We have built the EDGE programme specifically to provide you with all the tools, support and guidance you need to succeed in each stage of your Cisco Partner Plus journey.

Engage with us: sales@comstor.co.uk 01285 647001

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