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A look over the EDGE

Working with Comstor, you can rely on a partnership with the only UK distributor that is focussed 100% on Cisco. You’ll have access to unrivalled dedicated account management and technical advisors, plus free UK-based pre-sales support.

We’ll also help your business capitalise on its relationship with Cisco as part of the Partner Plus programme. This guide will show you how.

It explains what you need to do at each stage of the EDGE programme, so you are totally prepared for the process and to take advantage of its many benefits. How rapidly you progress is down to the nature of your business, how quickly you are able to learn and how much effort your team is prepared to put in. Whatever your situation and whatever stage you are at, Comstor is here to help.

Stage one: Engage and on-board with Cisco


This is the starting point for a long and profitable relationship with Comstor and Cisco.


Even at this early stage there are plenty of

benefits for your business, including technical

training, support from the Comstor team and access to financing, promotions and rewards. Make sure your business takes full advantage of them.



Stage three: Grow your capabilities


Growing your organisation’s capabilities means

offering customers a more diverse range of

solutions by increasing your expertise and

credibility in different Cisco architectures.


Specific programmes are available to boost your company’s capabilities in the areas of Data Center, Security, Enterprise Networks, Internet of Things and Collaboration.

In addition, there is support for demand generation, business planning and training roadmaps.



Stage two: Develop your Cisco business


The second stage of the Comstor EDGE

programme helps you to gain more in-depth

technical knowledge about Cisco products, aswell as greater sales and marketing know-how.


It provides increased access to the resources Cisco has available that will enable you to make better business

cases to customers, including non-technical audiences.


Make sure your business is up to speed by accessing technical and soft skills training and demo equipment.


In addition, the Comstor Mentor programme can help reseller partners understand how to plan, engage and generate greater Cisco revenues.



Stage four: Extend your business


Once your business has demonstrated it has

mastered specific architectures, you should

consider extending your business further by

offering cross-architecture solutions and/or

participating in projects that cross international borders.


Each of these stages is considered in more detail later inthis guide.



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