The first step of your Cisco Partner Plus journey is to engage with Comstor and benefit from Cisco-dedicated account management, outstanding architecture programmes, flexible credit and the UK Distribution’s largest Cisco technical team.

This enables you to get the most out of your relationship with Cisco and prepares you for the Partner Plus Aspire partnership level.

Comstor is here to engage with you from the first day of your journey working towards and growing on the Partner Plus program with a dedicated account manager who is fully trained on all Cisco technologies, promotions, tools and programs. Nowhere else will you find such Cisco expertise for every customer, whatever your size or Cisco status.

You will gain access to Comstor's core services, including instruction on Cisco tools and services, additional discounts with the latest Cisco promotions, Comstor Select accreditation bootcamps and much more.

And we’ll support your growth with dedicated Cisco account management, free pre-sales advice, 18 Cisco engineers and leading credit facilities.

What you get

  • Welcome introduction by your dedicated Cisco trained account manager

    We will show you how to navigate Cisco’s online tools. Your dedicated account manager is your day-to-day contact for quotes/Cisco enquiries and alignment with Cisco teams.

  • Sales-oriented webinars on services, programs, promos and products

    Giving knowledge to make the most from being a Cisco partner.

  • Invitation to Comstor Select bootcamps

    Gaining the Cisco Select accreditation for access to deal registrations and beginning your Cisco partner journey. We will fully fund all required training and exams.

  • Personalised credit limit facility and Cisco Capital

    Comstor’s financing provides you with finance solutions, not just conditions.

    • We finance entire projects to help partners build bids and implement major projects
    • We process applications based on individual requirements
    • We are open to new ways of financing
    • We provide you with access to easylease 0% financing
  • Comstor services solutions

    • Comstor enables you to do more with our suite of Services Solutions: Support Services, Professional Services, Training and Education and Supply Chain Services.
  • Support services

    If you’re not sure how to position Cisco support services to your customers, let us show you how. With our help you can start bundling SMARTnet with every Cisco hardware sale, adding margin and customer satisfaction to every deal. Our unique services management tool, Comstor Click will assist with contract management, co-termination of contracts and managing your renewals and Comstor SmartPLUS delivers a value add service where we provide first line of support and smart analysis for your services business. Both tools enable you to offer more with less resource and investment.




  • Professional services

    Our extensive Cisco-focussed team includes 18 Cisco-certified engineers including five Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts (Cisco’s highest technical accreditation).

  • Training and education

    Our unique Cisco dedicated training centre gives you access to multiple Authorized Technology Provider programmes and accreditations around Cisco Data Centre, Collaboration, Security and Enterprise Networks.

  • Supply chain services and inventory management

    Our experience and product knowledge provides you with expertise at every stage of your sales cycle and with any Cisco project.

    • We offer 24x7 emergency services and same-day shipment to most locations across the globe.
    • We provide backlog management, in the case a product is not in stock.
    • We make sure the right stock is available at the right time, all the time.

Engage Benefits in a nutshell

  • Select bootcamps to help you attain and maintain Cisco accreditations that will ensure your profitability
  • Sales-oriented webinars on services, programmes, promotions and products
  • A welcome introduction by your dedicated Cisco-trained account manager
  • A personalised credit limit facility and access to Cisco easylease 0% financing
  • Logistical services and inventory management
  • Comstor Click and Smart Plus
  • Cisco Services training and support
  • Technical Services

What you get from Cisco

Ahead of attaining your Partner Plus Aspire accreditation, you benefit from a mobile app to immediately start sharing success stories with your customers.

With a library of over 500 stories, this free app highlights the best examples of how Cisco technology has been successfully used to deliver real business benefits to customers.

It is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, or access via the web.

Meanwhile, you can also access a Cisco feature navigator that allows you to quickly find the right Cisco IOS, IOS XE, IOS XR, NX-OS and CatOS software release for the features you want to run on your network.

Stage one: Engage and on-board with Comstor

Engage Partner Checklist

Opened an account with Comstor

Start talking to your dedicated account manager

Download the Cisco mobile app for iPhone, iPad, Android or Web and start sharing success stories with your customers

Visit the Comstor EDGE website

Request your Cisco partner welcome kit

Make sure you have a personal login

Visit the Cisco partner central small business site

Enrol on PPE

Use Fast Track promotions

Use Comstor Boost for trade
in discounts

Have a briefing from your Comstor Account Manager on money saving promotions available to you

Utilise Cisco Disti Compass

Become a Cisco Select partner on our funded Select Bootcamps for recognition on Cisco
Partner Loactor

Sign up for our email updates

Use Comstor’s free pre-sales support - 01285 647 070

Use easylease 0% finance

Look at Cisco Refresh refurbished equipment option to lower costs

Use Comstor Click to simplify Cisco services

Use the Cisco Marketing
Velocity Hub

Take advantage of every element of support as an Engage partner. Once complete you are ready to move to Develop and to work towards becoming Cisco Partner Plus Aspire.

Engage with us: 01285 647001

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