The overall outcome of this stage is to transform your business potential, enhance its visibility and improve its ability to make a convincing business case to customers.

Leveraging our position as Cisco’s leading distributor, at this stage you should be applying to Cisco to become Partner Plus Aspire and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

Partner Plus helps you to develop through soft-skills training, bootcamps and the Cisco Services Expert Program. This sets you on the road to success as a Cisco partner.

As a Cisco Select Partner you can benefit from access to Cisco Channel Incentive Programs (OIP, TIP, SIP and VIP discounts). Your Comstor Account Manager will take you through all the registration steps required to ensure you are getting best pricing and rebates.

Comstor is here to help you develop your Cisco practice and your business potential. Comstor offers support to develop a Cisco marketing plan and can provide you with demo equipment such as the Cisco remote lab dCloud.

What you get

  • Architectural programmes

    When you can effectively show measurable improvements, show business value and demonstrate the right solutions, you increase your value to your customers and the probability of winning the sale.


    Let us guide you to develop a Cisco architectural-based business by participating in our architectural programmes: Collaboration, Club, CSI, Security, Leap into Data Center and Enterprise Networking.

  • Architectural workshops

    Benefit from architectural education training for pre-sales, internal sales and business development managers, hosted by Comstor’s architectural leads.

  • Ecosystem vendors

    Access a portfolio of complementary vendors that enhance your Cisco sales.

  • Campaign execution and lead generation

    We offer a range of services that will allow you to build effective marketing campaigns and execute successful lead generation that will boost your sales pipeline with sales qualified leads and report return on investment.

  • Sales excellence and soft-skills training

    • Instead of talking about technology, translate solutions into processes that drive hard cash flows, like net revenue, internal rates of return and payback periods.
    • Speak the language of the board and address key executive concerns.
    • Prepare a technical business case for a non-technical decision maker.

Benefits in a nutshell

  • Sales excellence and soft-skills training
  • Technical updates and workshops
  • Demo equipment and support
  • Certification support training
  • Increased visibility and account management at Comstor and Cisco
  • Architectural programmes
  • Collaboration Club
  • Leap into Data Center
  • Comstor Security Initiative
  • Architectural workshops
  • Campaign execution and lead generation

What you get from Cisco

At the Prestige level of Cisco Partner Plus, you gain access to a wide range of incentives, programmes, tools and assets, including:

  • Prestige funds to invest in demand generation, professional services or training from Comstor


Engage with us: 01285 647001

Stage three: Grow your capabilities

Take advantage of every element of support as a Grow partner. Once complete you are ready to move to Extend and apply to become Cisco Partner Plus Elite.

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